SWEPCO Roof Systems

Southwestern Petroleum Corporation was the first roofing manufacturer to develop the "system approach" to roof waterproofing in 1969. SWEPCO Roof Systems are more effective than other approaches to waterproofing commercial, industrial and institutional roofs because each is designed to be a total, cost-effective, long-term solution

All SWEPCO Roof Systems, both for new roof construction and for the maintenance of existing roofs, have been thoroughly tested in the laboratory and in the field. Although each product has been especially formulated for the function it performs, they all work together as a unit on the roof. With more than 30 different systems available from SWEPCO, you can be sure there is one designed for your specific roofing need. The wide range of systems provides long lasting, highly-effective waterproofing systems for all types of roofs and conditions.

In fact, there are at least seven good reasons to choose a SWEPCO Roof System to protect your property:

1. It Is The Best Roof You Can Buy

Choosing a SWEPCO Roof System is a smart business decision. No one uses higher quality raw materials or takes more care in manufacturing waterproofing products than SWEPCO. SWEPCO’s high performance roof designs, cold process application technology and superior cold process products combine to produce a longer lasting, more problem free roof. Because they are not applied with molten asphalt or temperamental glues or solvents, SWEPCO Products don’t hurry workmen. Workmen have more time to make sure materials are installed properly. The end result is a higher quality application and long term reliability.

2. It Will Last Longer

SWEPCO’s premium quality cold process roofing products insure excellent strength, flexibility, oxidation and weather resistance. They resist the natural weathering cycle better because they are made with the highest quality raw materials available, ingredients not found in other waterproofing products.

3. It Will Cost Less To Own Because It Is Designed To Be Maintainable

With a SWEPCO Roof System protecting your building you can look forward to a long, problem free service life. And when it does need maintenance, as all roofs do in time, maintenance is easier and more economical because problems are easy to detect and repair. With timely, economical recoating after its guaranteed service life, a SWEPCO Roof can last the life of the building itself.

4. It Is Engineered to Solve Today’s Toughest Problems

If a roof is going to provide cost effective service today, it has to be engineered to withstand a wide variety of harsh conditions. And SWEPCO’s Roof Systems are. SWEPCO Roof Systems last longer because they have excellent resistance to roof stress, oxidation, moisture, acid rain, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, wide temperature ranges and thermal shock. When roofing requirements call for superior performance in a maintenance, recover, removal/replacement or new construction application, SWEPCO can provide the right answer.

5. It Offers You More Options

The full range of SWEPCO Roof Systems includes designs for all roof types, including concrete, wood, asbestos cement and metal. And they give property owners a wide choice of surfacing options. Energy saving reflective coatings. Colors. Environmentally friendly coatings. Whatever the need, there is a SWEPCO Roof System to meet it.

6. It Will Save You Money On Energy

Among SWEPCO’s surfacing options are four cost saving reflective coatings . . . SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating, Aluminum Roof Shield, White Roof Shield and White Acrylic Coating. By reflecting as much as 45 to 90% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation, these coatings extend the life of the roof. Longer service life, substantial energy savings and reduced maintenance costs mean these optional coatings pay for themselves many times over.

7. It Is Guaranteed To Last

But most of all, SWEPCO Roof Systems carry the SWEPCO Brand Name. That means they’re backed by Southwestern Petroleum Corporation, an acknowledged leader in building maintenance materials for eight decades. The reliability and durability of SWEPCO Brand Building Maintenance Products and Systems has been proven throughout the United States, Canada and in more than 80 other countries around the world.