SWEPCO Zonex-K Industrial Cleaner

A green, nonabrasive chemical cleaner that is highly concentrated. Mixed with water, it forms a powerful, all-purpose cleaning solution that removes dirt, grease, grime and microscopic particles. Can be used on anything washable. Can be mixed with a solvent such as kerosene for degreasing. Dries film free. Ideal cleaning product for service stations, airports, restaurants, department stores, manufacturing plants, schools and businesses of all types. One gal. (3.79 liters) of ZONEX-K® makes 128 gal. (485 liters) of cleaning solution.

  • Strong but gentle general purpose cleaner
  • Can be used on all water safe surfaces: woodwork, glass, concrete, metal, machinery, auto finishes, even hands
  • Highly concentrated; one to 128 mixing ratio means true economy