SWEPCO Uni+Shield Tri-Polymer Roof Membrane

A 4 mm thick, torch applied, polyester reinforced modified bitumen roof membrane which is quickly and easily installed to both old and new roof surfaces. It’s thicker, tougher and stronger than most other single-ply materials. Requires no adhesives. Heat welding insures monolithic, water tight seams that don’t come apart. Contains ZHD-7, SWEPCO’s highly effective oxidation inhibitor which adds longer life by combating deterioration from ultraviolet radiation. One of SWEPCO’s liquid coatings is used as a final protective coating over Uni+Shield®.

  • A ready to apply roof membrane in a roll
  • Strong polyester mat factory coated on both sides with superior polymer modified bitumen
  • Unique formulation includes three high performance polymer modifiers for superior performance
  • Fast application; requires no adhesives
  • Thicker, lighter and tougher than other waterproofing membranes
  • Resists punctures, high temperatures and cold weather damage