SWEPCO Heavy Duty Gravel Roof Preservative

Gravel roofs are old style, problematic roofs.  But building owners with gravel roofs do have a systematic maintenance answer with Heavy Duty Gravel Roof Preservative. A black, liquid solvent base asphalt product. It penetrates age hardened flood coatings and exposed roofing felts, softens them, makes them more flexible and improves their strength and weathering characteristics. As it penetrates, it seals hairline cracks and forms a new weather surface with increased resistance to moisture, weathering and oxidation. For use on gravel covered asphalt roofs only. Gravel is redistributed after installing preservative. Available only in the United States and Canada.

  • Especially formulated to restore gravel surfaced roofs
  • Adds years of reliable new life
  • Fast, cold process applicatiosaves time and labor