SWEPCO Heavy Duty Asphalt Paving Sealer

A premium quality black, solvent base asphalt sealer consisting of SWEPCO’s exclusive “Heart of Texas” and Tri-Mastic 49 Asphalts. It protects both old and new asphalt pavement, sealing out moisture to keep the pavement’s base sound, preventing cracks and chuck holes, prolonging the life of the pavement and reducing maintenance costs. Ideal for parking lots, driveways, ramps, loading docks, paved warehouse floors, walkways and many other paved asphalt surfaces. Easily applied by brush, squeegee, roller or airless spray equipment.

  • Prolongs the life of new and old asphalt pavement
  • Seals pavement against water damage
  • Retards oxidation and deterioration
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Easy and inexpensive to apply