SWEPCO Guardian Seamless Roof Coating

When the project calls for restoring a weathered industrial or commercial roof, no other coating provides more performance. New breakthrough polymer chemistry has yielded a coating that bonds tenaciously to most weathered roofs, provides unsurpassed weatherproofing reliability and stands up better to the destructive forces at work of today’s roofs. Saves the old roof and avoids the high cost of roof tear-off and disposal. Requires a reflective coating.

  • Restores weathered roofs
  • Advanced high solids, polymerized, elastomeric urethane formula
  • Self-leveling feature provides truly seamless waterproofing
  • Superior elongation, cold flex, adhesion, impact resistance
  • Recommended for asphalt, modified bitumen, EPDM, PVC, SPUF, PIB, CSPE, CPE, TPO and metal roofs
  • Cold process application is safer, faster