Roof Maintenance Systems

Under direct exposure to the weather, roofs begin deteriorating the day they are installed. Without preventive maintenance . . .

Asphalt and modified bitumen roofs will eventually crack, blister, become brittle and begin to leak.

EPDM and other exotic membranes become brittle, shrink and cause that can rip seams apart.

Metal roofs fall victim to rust and corrosion and the fasteners loosen, causing leakage at the seams.

Asbestos cement roofs develop cracks, begin to erode and collect unsightly fungus and mildew growth.

As the deterioration progresses, the building and its contents become increasingly subject to leakage and damage, and, in the end, the building owner is left with no alternative but to completely replace the roof at a substantial cost.

Preventive maintenance with SWEPCO Roof Maintenance Systems is a much wiser and far more economical approach, one that recognizes the need to treat deterioration at regular intervals rather than allowing it to advance to the stage where complete replacement is the only option. The preventive maintenance approach also recognizes the need to provide peak waterproofing protection at all times . . . to avoid costly damage to the building and its valuable contents.

  • Economical solution to weathering roofs
  • Extends the life of the roof
  • Saves money
  • Complete "system" solutions address all maintenance needs
  • Smooth surface roofs; more maintainable than other roofs
  • Economical