New & Re-Roofing Roof Systems

Versatility For Both Reroofing And New Roofing

Whether the need is for replacement of badly deterior¬ated existing roof membranes or installation of new roof membranes, the complete series of SWEPCO Built-Up Roof Systems provides the versatility needed to meet the varying and demanding requirements of modern roof construction. Each SWEPCO Built-Up Roof System has been designed specifically for the application recom¬mended, resulting in optimum performance and economy. Each system combines the use of a variety of the finest premium quality cold process roofing materials; materials especially formulated with select raw materials and addi-tives to achieve improved strength, flexibility and weather resistance.


Because SWEPCO Built-Up Roof Systems require no gravel, they are very lightweight, and allow a more economical support structure to be utilized beneath the roof deck. The light weight of these systems also combats roof sagging, often caused by excess weight on the deck, and helps prevent ponding and drainage problems.


SWEPCO Built-Up Roof Systems Iast because they're made with products especially formulated to stand up to the elements. The inherent flexibility of the systems allows them to better withstand normal roof stresses. Because they are less susceptible to destructive solar radiation, rain, oxidation and freezing weather, SWEPCO Built-Up Roofs are preforming well long after others have failed.

Resistant To Uplift Stresses

Strong, secure bonding with maximum resistance to uplift pressures during storms is achieved because each SWEPCO System was designed for a specific type of deck. Different deck surfaces require different bonding techniques to insure maximum ad¬herence, and only the best techniques are utilized in SWEPCO Built-Up Roof Systems.


The long life of SWEPCO Built-Up Roof Systems makes them more economical than other new roofing techniques. Most SWEPCO Built-Up Roof Systems have a minimum guaranteed life expectancy of 10-20 years. To put the cost of any roofing technique in its true perspective, overall performance and life expectancy should be major considerations.

Easy And Inexpensive To Maintain

The durability of SWEPCO Built-Up Roof Systems keeps the need for maintenance to a minimum. However, should maintenance ever be required, it can be accom¬plished quickly and easily using SWEPCO Roof Main¬tenance Products. Areas in need of maintenance are easily found and repaired because there is no gravel to hide the problem and none to remove before making repairs. The maintenance staff of an organization can be trained to perform preventive maintenance and emerg¬ency repairs on the roof. This will prevent small problems from becoming large ones and the SWEPCO guarantee is not altered by this maintenance.

Optional Reflective Coatings Prolong System Life And Save Energy

To further enhance the basic economies of SWEPCO Built-Up Roof Systems, SWEPCO offers three op¬tional reflective coatings ... SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Coating, Aluminum Roof Shield and White Roof Shield. Properly maintained, these highly effective coatings pro¬vide more important benefits per gallon/liter than any other products we manufacture. They reflect up to 80% of the sun's harmful ultra-violet and infra-red radiation ... retard oxidation and age hardening of the waterproofing asphalts underneath them ... eliminate the need for gravel and its many disadvantages ... reduce roof maintenance costs ... prolong the life of the system ... reduce roof surface temperatures ... lower summertime cooling loads ... help decrease winter heat loss... and make the entire roof assembly more energy efficient. Experience tells us your SWEPCO Built-Up Roof System can last longer than the guarantee period, but use of one of these highly effective coatings, combined with proper, timely main¬tenance, can help keep your SWEPCO Roof problem-free indefinitely ... and at a very realistic cost.

Up To Twenty Years Of No Cost, Non-Pro-Rated Guarantee Protection Available

Years of experience throughout the world have proven SWEPCO Roof Systems perform the way we say they will, providing dependable, longer lasting roof protection when they are properly installed over roofing surfaces for which they were designed. Most SWEPCO Built-Up Roof Systems are guaranteeable up to 20 years.

The SWEPCO guarantee is not a roofing bond for which the property owner must pay a specified amount based upon the size of the roof. The SWEPCO Guarantee is just that ... a non-prorated guarantee of performance ... provided at no additional cost. The protection it provides does not decrease as the roof ages. It provides as much protection on the final day of coverage as it does on the first.

Eligibility for guarantee coverage is based on proper application of SWEPCO Roofing Products over an approved roof deck. Consult your SWEPCO Sales Representative, Distributor or Southwestern Petroleum Corporation for more infor¬mation on SWEPCO's guarantees.

  • Versatility For Both Reroofing And New Roofing
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Resistant To Uplift Stresses
  • Economical
  • Easy And Inexpensive To Maintain
  • Optional Reflective Coatings Prolong System Life And Save Energy
  • Up To Twenty Years Of No Cost, Non-Pro¬rated Guarantee Protection Available