80 Years Strong

It’s hard to believe, but the calendar has once more rolled over to a new year … but this one is special because we are celebrating our 80th Company Anniversary. As we reflect on where Southwestern Petroleum has come from and where we are going in the future, a few positives stand out:

  • Southwestern Petroleum Corporation has a vast market for the products and services it provides. The commercial, industrial and institutional property maintenance markets are as broad as ever.
  • Southwestern Petroleum Corporation is committed to manufacturing the finest products and systems available for the maintenance of roofs, floors, walls and other surfaces. We know that quality products last longer and provide more true value. And we know that companies that sell quality products endure and grow. We have no intention of changing our course; if anything, we are more firmly committed than ever to manufacturing the highest quality materials available.
  • Southwestern Petroleum Corporation has a unique “niche” in the market. Roof maintenance, which is the concept upon which this company started, is as valid today as it ever was. SWEPCO’s belief that a conscientious program of roof maintenance can save property owners big money in the long run is still sound. This, coupled with a line of high performance new roof systems, gives Southwestern Petroleum a broader range of solutions than others serving the market.
  • Southwestern Petroleum Corporation has the best trained sales force in the business. Whether it’s the Training Schools conducted at our International Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, training provided at our annual meetings, our Application Training Schools or our individual training efforts, the materials and training provided by Southwestern Petroleum are second to none.
  • Southwestern Petroleum Corporation has an enviable record for performance in every corner of the world. Whether the application is in the scorching deserts of North Africa or the Middle East or the frigid temperatures of Iceland or the Antarctic or the humid tropics of Venezuela or the Far East . . . wherever property owners demand high performance products, SWEPCO has been there.
  • Southwestern Petroleum Corporation has an enviable list of satisfied customers. Our Prominent Customer List says it more effectively than any other document we have. You’ll find that the world’s largest corporations . . . the business and brand names you have known and trusted all your life . . . know and trust SWEPCO Products. This is a powerful affirmation of SWEPCO’s leadership in the markets we serve.
  • Southwestern Petroleum Corporation has a highly dedicated staff of managers and other Home Office personnel who are truly committed to serving our worldwide Customer base.

When you take the time to consider these important facts, you become convinced that Southwestern Petroleum Corporation has many more years of growth and success ahead. But, as we always have, we focus on one year at a time … right now that year is 2013 … the first year of Southwestern’s ninth decade in business . . . our best year ever!