ISO 9001 Certified


Since 1933, Southwestern Petroleum Corporation has had an unyielding corporate commitment to quality. We believe our steady growth in worldwide markets and our list of discriminating customers are proof that the SWEPCO Brand has long stood for quality and performance. But you have someone else’s word for it. The SWEPCO Total Quality Systems which have produced SWEPCO Products for years have now received ISO9001 Certification from the world renowned Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) in compliance with the NACCB and RAB. These prestigious credentials earned by our International Headquarters in the United States join the ISO Certification awarded to our European facilities by the SGS European Quality Certification Institute. What this means to you is that SWEPCO Quality is real and verifiable. It means our quality systems and manufacturing procedures have been thoroughly inspected by independent third parties and have been found to meet the world’s most stringent quality standards. But it doesn’t stop there. Certification by these official agencies requires periodic reinspection and recertification. So you can be sure you’ll get the same industry leading SWEPCO Quality tomorrow that has earned your trust in the past.