Industry Leading Training



Southwestern Petroleum Corporation’s Training School is an intensive, five-day training course designed specifically for new SWEPCO Distributors and Sales Representatives. It is the first step towards a successful career with the SWEPCO Line.  Schools are conducted at Southwestern’s International Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A., in our state-of-the-art Training Center three to four times per year. This School is a highly comprehensive “how to” course designed to help you ...

  • Generate immediate sales.
  • Achieve maximum penetration of your SWEPCO market.
  • Develop a streamlined sales plan geared towards rapid sales growth.


The entire course is conducted by SWEPCO’s experienced sales and technical staff ... people with years of experience in helping people achieve success throughout the world. Every aspect of the SWEPCO Program is covered in the course. A focal point of the training is a thorough orientation on SWEPCO’s Sales Plan. “I’ve been trained by some of the largest corporations around. Texas Instruments, General Electric, Ansell-Edmont have nothing on Southwestern Petroleum. The presentation, content, the demonstration exercises were all as comprehensive and as well done as any in my experience. I was impressed with the training and the professionalism. Thank you for the training, hospitality and opportunity . . . ”


The latest visual aids are used in the classroom sessions for greater impact, understanding and retention. Ample time is provided for question and answer sessions, as well as for private counseling on matters of individual concern. New Distributors and Salesmen who attend the school can expect to work very hard during the course, but upon completing it, they will be fully prepared to capitalize on the excellent sales and profit opportunities that await them in their home markets.



Some of the topics covered during the school include:

    • How to find customers.
    • How to identify their roofing problems.
    • How to solve their roofing problems.
    • How to set yourself up for success.
    • How to sell quickly and efficiently with SWEPCO’s highly successful “Five-Step Sales Procedure.”
    • You’ll learn about our products . . . how they fit together into “systems” . . . the technical aspects of roofing . . . installation . . . and much, much more.

    It’s all there . . . everything you need to know to make the SWEPCO Opportunity work for you is covered.