An Established Company


Southwestern Petroleum Corporation first opened its doors in 1933 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Today it is an international manufacturer of premium quality building maintenance products and systems for the industrial, commercial and institutional markets.

Sold under the “SWEPCO” Brand Name, our Waterpoofing Systems, Protective Coatings and other maintenance products are now serving the needs of thousands of Customers in more than 80 countries throughout the world. Besides our International Headquarters in Fort Worth, we have subsidiary companies and manufacturing plants near Toronto, Canada and Antwerp, Belgium in Europe.

We’re proud of the reputation our company has earned for making the highest quality products.


But we are equally proud of the fact that SWEPCO Products have proven to be the avenue to outstanding earnings for a wide range of people and companies with diverse resources and goals.

The SWEPCO Opportunity is a legitimate opportunity for a person or company with drive and determination to expand their earnings potential.


Whether you are an individual looking for the path to a secure, independent future…or an entrepreneur looking for a new small business opportunity with minimum start-up costs ... or an existing company looking for a new profit center ... Southwestern’s unique mix of quality products, a large stable market and proven sales strategies can provide the opportunities you seek.

We believe we have a great many strengths ... high performance products, a large recession-resistant market and earnings potential have already been mentioned and you can read more about these very important topics in the links on the right side of this page. Other key elements of our programs include independence, the most comprehensive training in our industry, an aggressive research & development program, responsive marketing support, a sales-oriented technical staff and much more. But, first and foremost, we are a sales organization and we are staffed and managed to insure your sales success.

Through the years, integrity stands out as one of our most important assets. And we guard it closely in all of our relationships with our Customers and our sales consultants, sales agents, dealers and distributors. We have an unblemished reputation and invite you to investigate us through your local bank.

You’ll find Southwestern Petroleum Corporation large enough to offer the stability, capabilities and reputation you require, but small enough to be flexible, personal and responsive.