Man against nature. It’s the timeless battle. Man builds structures and nature destroys them.

Roofs, walls, floors, pavement and metal structures are continuously under assault. From damp tropics and arid deserts … to sub zero arctic and corrosive coastal or industrial environments. Only the strong survive. But not without conscious implementation of effective maintenance strategies.

In 1933, fueled by a desire to provide industry, commerce and government with new ways to protect their property, Southwestern Petroleum Corporation began developing and marketing a broad line of protective coatings.

In all the years since then, this focus has never changed. Today SWEPCO Brand Products and Systems are manufactured in the United States, Canada and Europe. A unique blending of old world traditions with new age technologies has yielded a complete line of protective coatings and maintenance products for a wide variety of industrial and commercial surfaces … concrete, asphalt pavement, masonry, metal and all classes of roofing. SWEPCO Brand Products protect millions of square feet of industrial, commercial, institutional and government property in more than 80 countries throughout the world.